Get Involved with the PTA



Bridlemile PTA is a group of parents that work with the school staff and teachers to provide financial and volunteer support.  Bridlemile is an amazing school, and we need parents and volunteers to help make it even better! 

You can become a member of the Parent Teacher Association by making a $10 donation. Join online.

The Bridlemile PTA is made up of the following volunteers:

President: Jen Moylan

President Elect: Lindsay Warner

Secretary: Alison Elia

Treasurer: Mariah Fairben

Assistant Treasurer: Shannon Fairchild

Member at Large: Kendra Wise

Sustainability: Susie Grosso Jones

Community Outreach: Monika Johnson

Technology: Ryan Bass

VP Fundraising: Jada Livingston

Membership: Christie Doerr

Room Parent Coordinator: Erin Allcutt

Past President Emeritus: Kristin Cornuelle


Activity Chairs: JOIN Us!

All the activities that happen are chaired by specific person in charge on making the activity a success. Here is the list (feel free to get in touch):

5th Grade Transition: Robyn Hartmeyer/Riikka Marr/Trista Rodgers

All Access Pass: Christie Doerr (NEED SHADOW)

Apparel: Emily Roach

Bike Fest: David Stein

Box Tops: Susie Grosso Jones

Charleston Wrap: Alice Fung

Chinook Book: Emily Breuer

Clothes Closet: Sarah Dorst/Amy Armstrong

Disaster Preparedness: Minh Nguyen-Ferris

Field Day: 🚨 NEED CHAIRS 🚨

Food Pantry: Michelle Doherty/ Minh Nguyen-Ferris

Food/Nutrition Services: NEED

Freaky Friday: Amber Barratt/Mariah Fairben (NEED SHADOW)

Garden Committee: Rich Hatfield/Deedra Weill (NEED SHADOW)

Halloween Dance: Jessie and Kyna Williams

Harvest Fest: Robin Watt/Lindsay Warner

 Kindergarten Connect: Mariah Fairben, Danielle Ames

Library: Leslie Gillis

Mazama Lodge: Susie Grosso Jones

Middle School Advocates: Catherine Albers

Music Program Decorations: Jen Moylan / Michelle Jackson

Missoula: Monika Johnson (Aubrae Lutz - shadow)

OBOB: Kelley Gillepsie (Alice Fung - shadow)

Run for the Arts: Rebecca Farren/Anna Tachouet

Scholastic Book Fair: Ann Hoffman/Chris Hoffman

School Directory: Dineen Vallance

School Pictures: Emily Breuer (Minh Nguyen-Ferris - shadow)

School Supplies: Janine Partovi (Emily Breuer - shadow)

Science night: Allie Pettitt/Mitsuko Arnold

Sees Candies: Christie Doerr

Special Education: Minh Nguyen-Ferris/Amy Armstrong

Used Book Fair: Kelly Gillespie (Catherine Carver - shadow)