You can now subscribe to a Bridlemile Events calendar on mobile devices or other calendaring services. If and when events change over time, you’ll have the latest information about it without having to mine it yourself out of the weekly email flood.

The calendar is available at:

If that’s greek to you, never fear, we’ve got you covered — just check out your device below.

Subscribing with iPhone / IPad

  • Open the Settings app

  • Scroll down to Passwords & Accounts

  • Under Accounts, click ‘Add Account

  • Click ‘Other

  • Select ‘Add Subscribed Calendar

  • Type in

  • Click ‘Next

  • Change the Description if you don’t want it to show up as ‘Bridlemile Events’

  • Click ‘Save

  • It will look like a bunch of nothing happened; but if you open the Calendar app, the events will be there.

Subscribing with Google Calendar (Website)

  • In the Google Calendar site, click the ‘+’ next to ‘Other Calendars’ in the left hand navigation area.

  • Select ‘From URL

  • Type in

  • Leave the checkbox unchecked

  • Click ‘Add Calendar

Subscribing with Outlook (Website)

Outlook has a slightly different process depending on which version you’re using.

  • Read this Help Document

  • Follow the instructions (that match your version) for ‘Subscribe to a calendar

  • When asked for the ‘Link to the calendar’ use

Subscribing on a Mac

If you’ve previously set up the calendar on another Apple device, you may already be subscribed. But if not, read on!

For more detail and some other options, see this guide from Apple.

  • In the 📆 Calendar app on your Mac, choose ‘File > New Calendar Subscription’.

  • Enter and hit ‘Subscribe’

  • Enter a name for the calendar, and pick a color

  • Choose if it’s a local (On My Mac) or shared amongst your devices (iCloud) and choose your alert preferences.

  • Click the Auto-refresh pop-up menu, and choose how often to update the calendar.

  • Click Ok